UK's biggest pancake restaurant to make it's capital debut

Stack & Still, the UK's biggest pancake business, is set to make its anticipated Edinburgh debut later this month. With a mouthwatering menu offering potentially 12 million different combinations of pancakes, Edinburgh's foodies are in for a treat when the 140-capacity restaurant opens its George Street doors on Thursday 22nd July.

On offer at Stack & Still are a choice of five different pancake stacks - buttermilk, buckwheat, protein, gluten-free, and low-fat. Diners can then build their own unique creations from a huge range of savoury and sweet toppings, which include everything from classics such as bacon, banana, biscoff, pecans, and maple syrup, to more left-field toppings such as beetroot & cumin falafel, BBQ brisket, doner kebab, and lorne sausage.

Alternatively, Stack & Still offer a range of signature combinations, such as the Biscoff S'mores Stack, which features toasted marshmallows, biscoff spread, chantilly cream, lotus biscuits, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce, or the Superfood Stack, brimming with blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, greek yoghurt, granola, and honey.

In addition to pancakes, Stack & Still also offer sides and bites such as loaded fries, onion rings, halloumi fries, as well as a full range of smoothies, shakes and sundaes.

The Assembly Room venue will also host new Espresso Martini Bar, Insomnia, which will serve 50 variations of Espresso Martini. Insomnia will launch initially as a weekend-only offering from Friday 20th August.

News of Stack & Still’s expansion into Edinburgh comes hot on the heels of the pancake chain opening an outlet in Livingston last month and following the success of its four outlets in Glasgow.

Thousands of hungry customers visited the West Lothian site in its opening week and Edinburgh is expected to follow suit when it opens during the summer holiday period.

The pancake chain also sell pancake mixes and bundles for customers to make their own stacks at home, with an exclusive line of branded sauces and syrups to be released later in the summer.

Paul Reynolds, co-founder and chief executive of Stack & Still, said: “Everyone’s been through a tough time during the pandemic, but if ever there was a food that can put a smile on people’s faces, whatever age they are, it’s got to be pancakes! For me, pancakes remind me of my childhood – I used to go out for pancakes every week with my family and I hope that we can bring families together in the same way here at Stack & Still when we open. We’ve got all the old classics on the menu, as well as a huge range of creative new toppings and recipes to cater for all manner of contemporary tastes and dietary requirements. There’s something for all the family – and for the adults, we’re also adding in the bonus of espresso martinis from our unique Insomnia bar.

Stack & Still will open its George Street doors on Thursday 22nd July. For more information, reservations, or to view the full menu please visit