#WhiskyWednesday From Speyside to Cadiz

Glen Moray has been making delicious whisky in the heart of Speyside since 1897. They have released another Warehouse 1 single malt just in time for Christmas, the long awaited 2008 Manzanilla Finish.

A tradition born in their Elgin West Brewery, the first spirit was run off of these stills on the 13th of September. From the first drop of the original spirit to the new 2008 Manzanilla Finish from Warehouse 1, the distillery continues to surprise and delight.

There are only 1240 cask-strength bottles of this new and exclusive product, it is available only in specialist whisky shops here in the UK.

The distillery is known for its passion and experimentation and they have used their deep knowledge of wood to fabricate this wonderful malt. The team have often wondered what the Manzanilla wood may add to their legendary malt. Would it be soft with salt, or citrus with herbaceous? Time has finally told all.

It’s a partnership of river and sea, bringing together the soft Spey water of Glen Moray’s spirit with the slightly sea-salt tang of Manzanilla sherry, which is famously only ever produced along the sea estuary of the Guadalquivir river.

This malt opens with a fruity pear flavor giving a clean and fresh taste. Reminding the drinker that there are brighter days to come. It is also a delight to sip whilst snuggled next to a fire, its like holding the memory of spring in your hands. What could be more perfect for these colder months?

It was aged in the finest cast barrels sourced from the bodegas of Sanlúcar de Barrameda in

Cádiz. Manzanilla is the driest of all sherries. It gives this special malt a delightful notion of place, taking the drinker from Cadiz to Speyside with each sip. This experience of travel and taste is an endlessly fascinating idea that distillers such as Glen Moray have begun to create. The Manzanilla Finish is this idea contained in a bottle. Whether a gift to yourself or someone else the malt will definitely please.

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