Williams Bros. release newest iteration of Joker IPA

Juicy Joker is a New England style version of the brand's flagship Joker IPA.

Launched in 2006, Joker IPA rapidly became a familiar favourite for Scottish beer drinkers. The creation of the craft beer drew upon Williams Bros' more than three decades' of brewing experience, and quickly it became their best selling beer. Following its success, Williams released Double Joker in 2012, a stronger version of the IPA with even more of a kick.

Now, a decade on, the Joker family of beers sees a new edition coming to market in the form of the brand's new Juicy Joker NEIPA (or New England IPA). This kind of IPA originates, as the name would suggest, from the north-eastern states of the US, and is characterised by a hazy colour and full body, as well as its powerful, often fruity aroma.

Director of Williams Bros, Chris Williams, had the following information to share about the brewery's most recent offering: “There has clearly been a growing thirst for hazy, hoppier beers over the past couple of years and while we have brewed some specials along these lines, there has never been a core beer in our portfolio that ticks these boxes. We’re excited to add to our Joker line up with this new beer.”

They have achieved this by "dialling up the hops and introducing more oats and wheat to give it that smooth mouthfeel the [New England] style is known for, all while keeping the strength at an easy drinking 5% ABV.”

Juicy Joker will be available, alongside Joker and Double Joker, at their launch events in Edinburgh and Glasgow this week – giving you the chance to try all three beers side by side.

Those in Edinburgh can try out the new beer at Monkey Barrel comedy club later this week. Liam Smith of the Monkey Barrel had the following information to share about the launch event: "We love Williams Bros. beers, and what better place to launch the full Joker series than in a comedy club? Come down to the Monkey Barrel on Thursday, April 28th and you can try this new beer while our incredible comics try out their new material.”

The following day (Friday 29th), the beer will be offered to Glaswegian customers at Glasgow’s West End beer mecca, Inn Deep. Juicy Joker is also expected to be in stock in selected supermarkets before long, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

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